What is Tantra?

Tantra means “weaving together,” and in a nutshell, it is a spiritual way of being and thinking.  It is not a religion but is more like a yoga practice filled with sensuality, connection, and love.  It is about being present and accepting all of yourself and others: strengths and weaknesses, happy thoughts and angry thoughts, the calm and the chaos.  Tantra is about being comfortable and accepting of opposites.  Through it, you learn to enjoy and welcome opposite polarities yin and yang, inherent in us and our world.  Through this we come to find bliss.  (By the way, yin and yang, feminine and masculine energies, are both within ourselves; we do not need a heterosexual relationship for tantra to be relevant).

Lesbian yoga loveI work with both singles and same sex couples teaching sacred sexuality techniques such as healing, energy work, and improving connection and intimacy.

We as women are beautiful, sexual beings and I look forward to helping you find your own power.

“All women possess a right to be erotic for themselves. Our erotic energy is our core growth energy. Acknowledging it as the core energy within ourselves leads us into sexual and personal empowerment.”  ~Rev. Goddess Charmaine